Ensure Safety and Training are a UK leading developer of interactive video-based online

training courses in health and safety,covering all relevant and up to date

legislation based around the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Paving the way in engaging e-learning, Ensure Safety and Training use avatar technology to boost the interactivity of its courses. An avatar functions as a communications interface linking a user with the information the user needs. Research shows that avatars can be beneficial to e-learners by giving them a person to connect with (effectively standing in for a human instructor in a more traditional setting). The avatar can present material in a more conversational tone, that will further engage learners and encourage knowledge retention.

With new high bandwidth hosting to accommodate higher levels of traffic, Ensure Safety and Training aim to provide cost-effective and convenient online training to safeguard workplaces across all industrial and business sectors and organisations. By promoting a health and safety culture in which individuals and organisations can create safer and healthier working environments, the courses help to reduce sickness absence and improve productivity.